How To Hit A Draw In Golf With Your Driver

Last updated: August 22, 2023

The draw is one of the trickiest shots in golf, especially if you’re trying to hit one with a driver. Even the top players in the world frequently struggle to hit the draw with the precision that it demands. It is considered the most graceful stroke in golf when executed properly, and renowned players like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson are known for their draw-hitting abilities. 

Particularly novice players struggle with the draw and frequently slice the ball as a result of improper technique. To hit a draw, you must be at the top of your game, but with enough practice, the right equipment, and the appropriate attitude; anyone can become an expert like the PGA pros mentioned above.

A draw is useful when you want to maintain a low, flat, spin-free ball trajectory. A draw can easily increase your hits by 5 to 15 yards when struck by a driver. In addition to saving valuable strokes, consistently hitting draws will improve your game.

If you’re interested in learning the proper method for striking a flawless draw, you’ve arrived at the correct place. This post will cover all the necessary details for hitting a draw, including setup, grip, and technique. We’ll also mention some of the best golf drivers for hitting a draw and how they can improve different aspects of your game.

Grip: How to Hit a Draw

Any golf shot, even a draw, is most effectively executed with the proper grip. Expert golfers claim that a golfer’s grip on their club can reveal all kinds of details about them. This also holds while hitting a draw in golf.

When striking a draw, the grip is important, along with the initial setup. The fundamental concept is to close the clubface just before impact. An exposed clubface makes hitting a draw all but impossible. Here are some suggestions for strengthening your grip for a stronger pull. Remember that they are just for right-handed athletes.

Readers should note that certain golf drivers have better grips that are conducive to hitting a draw. Callaway Golf Paradym Driver and Cobra Radspeed Driver are among the best golf drivers for hitting a draw.

Here is a step-by-step approach to perfecting your grip before hitting a draw with a golf driver:

  • Players frequently open the clubface during the backswing. Make sure you always steer clear of that.
  • The wrist rotation that occurs during the backswing and downswing is another fault that players regularly commit. By maintaining them firmly, try to reduce the wrist rotation as much as you can. Maintain neutrality with your left wrist and forearm.
  • Ensure that your right-hand grips the club a little bit more firmly than your left. This will lessen the likelihood of the clubface opening up excessively.

Setup: How to Hit a Draw

Many players hit draws from the neutral ball position when it is directly in the middle of their feet. However, the ball should be placed a little behind the neutral location. It will be more difficult to hit a draw the further the ball is from neutral.

As with the grip, a few notable golf drivers are better suited for the setup for hitting an excellent draw. Callaway Golf Paradym DriverTaylorMade SIM 2 Max DriverCallaway Golf Rogue ST Max Driver, and Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver are excellent choices for the setup to hit a draw. 

The ball will be positioned for the ideal draw during the initial setup. This is it:

  • Step back from the ball and carefully plan your shot.
  • Put an alignment stick on your target line just in front of or behind the ball.
  • Now get closer to the ball, but watch out not to crowd it. The goal is to maintain your swing path behind the target line by ensuring adequate distance between you and the ball.
  • Get ready to strike the ball by holding the club as previously described.
  • Set your right foot back a few inches. This gives the in-to-out swing path the extra space it needs, boosting the likelihood of hitting a draw.
  • The wrist rotation during the backswing and downswing should be kept to a minimum.
  • Additionally, make sure the clubface is square or slightly inward at impact.

Technique: How to Hit a Draw

Once you’ve mastered the grip and the initial setup, the technique will be a piece of cake. More than half of the work is done by the grip and setup. All that matters is how a technique is used. Some people prefer using swing weights in their golf drivers while practicing. 

The main goal is to strike the golf ball inside so that it will spin inward while in flight. The ball moves gracefully from right to left while in motion because of this inward spin. Many golf drivers are naturally inclined to aid the golfer in ensuring the right technique for hitting a draw. 

Callaway Golf Paradym DriverCobra Radspeed DriverTaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver, and TaylorMade Stealth Driver are some of the best golf drivers that allow for a perfect technique to hit a draw. Cobra Speedzone DriverPXG 0211 Driver, and PGX Offset Golf Driver are a few cheaper options that help in hitting a good draw with a golf driver.

Now that you’ve acquired the right equipment and information about the setup and grip of hitting a draw, the final step is to execute it perfectly. Here are the optimum steps for a tried and tested technique for hitting a draw:

  • As previously noted, ensure that your setup and grip are appropriate.
  • The backswing and downswing swing paths hold the secret to a flawless draw. Try to move your arms behind your body during the backswing rather than above it. Your hands should be behind your right shoulder rather than above it as you ascend through the backswing.
  • Move your arms around your torso to guarantee that the clubface is closed and to facilitate an in-to-out swing motion.
  • Try to keep your torso from rotating as you are on the downswing. To accomplish this, move your hips a little closer to the target while keeping your shoulders as far back as you can.
  • The reduction of wrist and forearm rotation is the last step. Keep your wrists and forearms as rigid as possible, especially during the follow-through.
  • Regularly put all the aforementioned techniques into practice, and you’ll soon be hitting flawless draws.

Final Reflections

Even though hitting a draw is one of the trickiest golf shots, it is not impossible. Over the years, the Golf Reporter team has witnessed a number of amateurs and beginners progress from having no idea what a draw is to constantly hitting incredible draws. You can hit flawless draws in no time with frequent practice, appropriate technique, and by choosing the proper golf drivers.