How To Use Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Last updated: March 8, 2023

Golfers like you and me are always on the lookout for accessories and add-ons that will help improve their game. These training aids are immensely popular among amateurs and high handicappers. 

Golf putting alignment mirrors have recently emerged as one of the golf accessories whose demand has skyrocketed. Many beginners excel with other golf clubs but struggle to achieve the same level with their putting. Putting mirrors prove to be an excellent and one of the most trusted training aids for improving putting skills.

If you’re familiar with putting, you must be knowing that your eye-line should be consistent with the target line during the stroke. Putting mirrors helps in keeping your eyes directly above the golf ball consistent with the target line. 

Despite their popularity, many golfers are unaware of their benefits and how to use them to achieve the best results. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, we’re here for you.

This article will discuss putting mirrors in detail, including what they are, how to use them, and how they can improve your game. 

What Is A Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Golf putting alignment mirrors are a type of training aid used by golfers that helps them with their alignment issues. Most missed putts are caused by poor alignment, and putting mirrors are excellent for rectifying any underlying problems.

You can adjust your eye position and face alignment along the target line. Golfers that use putting alignment mirrors are more confident and are more likely to make more putts than other golfers. 

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How To Use Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Golfers have a tendency to collect all the different types of equipment for game improvement but seldom know how to get the best out of them. This is a pervasive problem with putting mirrors.

Many of us have them but have no clue how to use them. We have mentioned below a step-by-step approach for using golf putting alignment mirrors. 

  • The entire purpose of using putting mirrors is to ensure that your eye line is consistent with the target line. 
  • Begin with placing the putting mirror on the target line. Remember to read the green for speed and number of turns and assess the target line accordingly.
  • Create a makeshift gate for your putter stroke by placing two tees in the mirror. Some people also mark a straight line on the ball for even better alignment. 
  • The next step is to stand in your optimal putting posture. Click here to more about adequate posture and other relevant putting tips. 
  • Your body should also run parallel to the target line. 
  • Then look in the putting mirror to fix your eye line. Your eyes should be directly above the target line on the mirror and the ball. You should be able to see your face in the putting mirror, and it should be square to the target line. 
  • Now all that is left is hit the stroke. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in the number of putts you’ll make after using putting mirrors. 

Advantages Of Golf Putting Alignment Mirrors

Golf putting alignment mirrors are a brilliant training aid that helps golfers with their alignment issues. The majority of missed putts are caused by improper alignment and poor judgment of the green.

Here are the primary ways putting mirrors can be a great investment with massive potential to improve your putting skills. 

  • Putting mirrors help in correctly aligning your eyes above the golf ball.
  • Keeping your eyes directly above the golf ball is vital for a good putt.
  • Essentially, your eye line should be consistent with the target line.
  • Besides alignment issues, putting mirrors also help in rectifying issues related to improper posture and technique. 
  • Many golfers also use alignment sticks along with alignment mirrors for achieving the best results.