Buying Guide For Best 19 Degrees Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid golf clubs come in different shapes and sizes, and each one comes with unique features and benefits. In addition, hybrid golf clubs act as an excellent substitute for long irons, some fairway woods, and even a driver. Mainly, hybrid golf clubs are used to replace long irons that are very challenging to hit. 

Hybrid golf clubs are designed to achieve high playability, allowing even novice golfers to hit good shots. Naturally, hybrid golf clubs have a more prominent and oversized club head with a lower and deeper center of gravity. This larger clubhead and low center of gravity increase forgiveness and create optimal conditions for a perfect launch. Moreover, these structural attributes also improve distance ball speed to a great extent. 

Hybrids are usually classified based on their loft degree magnitude instead of numerical value like other golf clubs. This article talks about the best 19-degree hybrids or 3-hybrids in the market, which usually replace the 4-iron. Before you step into the market looking for the best 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs, educating oneself about a few critical factors would be highly favorable.

What are 19 degrees of hybrid golf clubs?

19-degree hybrids are hybrid golf clubs with a loft of 19 degrees. As mentioned above, Instead of being represented by a numerical value like other golf clubs, hybrid golf clubs are denoted by their loft, in this case, 19 degrees. 

Nonetheless, many golfers prefer to maintain the same standards as other golf clubs and use numbers to identify hybrids. These people would rather use the term 3-hybrid instead of a 19-degree hybrid golf club.

19 degrees hybrids are among the most popular hybrid golf clubs due to their high playability and versatility. These can be a brilliant replacement for either a driver, 3-wood, or 4-iron. This makes them highly economical and ensures a high value for money while freeing up valuable space in your golf club. 


Distance is among the most critical factor related to the best 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs. This is where 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs truly shine as they provide exceptionally high distance numbers. Most 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs have average yardage of 253 yards or 231 meters, meaning that a mid handicap golfer can expect to hit nearly 250 yards with these hybrid golf clubs. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this is an average figure, and there’s assurance that all players will get the same results. 

The distance mainly depends on a golfer’s skill and ability as much as the golf club’s quality. An amateur or a beginner might struggle to achieve the same distance numbers as a professional or a scratch golfer. Due to this impressive distance, 19 degrees hybrids have multiple applications, including the tee box. 


Forgiveness is another crucial aspect of any golf club, including the best 19 degrees in hybrid golf clubs. Forgiveness is the primary reason why golfers choose hybrids over long irons and fairway woods. That is why you should make it your top priority to ensure high forgiveness while looking for the best 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs. 

At the same time, high forgiveness shouldn’t be a problem for hybrid golf clubs, as most of them tend to be more forgiving. This is mainly because of the oversized clubhead of hybrids which lowers the center of gravity to a greater extent. Moreover, modern hybrid golf clubs have technologically advanced features and structural enhancements that increase forgiveness exponentially.

Shaft length and Material 

The shaft length is another reason for 19 degrees golf club’s immense popularity. The standard length for most of the 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs on the market is 38.5-38 inches. This is not regulatory size, but this length has become the default configuration over the years. Most brands agree 39 inches is a suitable length for 19 degrees hybrid golf clubs. The shaft length is slightly shorter for women’s hybrid golf clubs, as most of them are 37.5 to 38 inches long.