What to Look for in Affordable Golf Drivers

A driver is among the most expensive golf clubs and is critical for advancing your golf career. To get the best out of your golf driver, you should look for the following aspects and decide accordingly. 


Price plays a vital role in deciding which affordable golf driver to buy. The high-end golf drivers can go as high as $500. However, in this list, we have only mentioned the ones that are below the $300 mark.

Generally, as you lower your price range, you compromise on the advanced features that come with the hefty price tag, barring a few exceptions. 


Forgiveness is the quality of a club to  “forgive” bad shots. In other words, forgiving clubs will allow for good quality strokes despite poor contact with the ball.

Cheaper golf clubs are usually less forgiving but most of the golf drivers in our list rank high in terms of forgiveness. If you are a high handicap golfer, you should opt for a golf driver with high forgiveness. 


The loft is the most vital aspect of any driver. It is the angle of the clubface’s slope and is critical for determining your golf shot’s trajectory.

Most drivers have a slope of 8.5 degrees to 15 degrees, however, the most commonly used drivers’ slope ranges from 9 to 12 degrees.

The loft is inversely related to your swing speed. The faster you swing, the lower loft you need. If you swing too fast then you should choose a driver with the lowest possible loft, and vice versa. 


Initially, drivers were made from stainless steel or similar alloys. However, lately, titanium has emerged as the most popular choice for a driver material.

The reason why titanium is the preferred choice is due to its high tensile strength and exceptionally low weight. Composite materials are also becoming more popular for making driver heads. For shafts, titanium, stainless steel, and graphite are the most in-demand materials.