Why You Should Choose 3 Wood?

When purchasing fairway woods, golfers often get confused about which wood to buy. Most of the time, they end up narrowing it down to 3 and 5 wood. Ultimately, an overwhelming majority of them opt for the 3 wood. This is because the 3 wood has many advantages over other woods which we have discussed below. These are:


The 3 wood offers the maximum distance among all the woods. This distance is comparable to even some drivers. Most of the 3 woods we have mentioned have highly advanced technology for exceptional distance and ball speed. Many golfers also use the 3 wood for driving as they are more accurate.


Accuracy is the primary reason why golfers choose 3 woods. 3 woods generally have a loft between 15 and 18 degrees and are 43 inches long. For most golfers, this configuration makes it highly conducive to hit long and accurate shots from fairways. The 3 wood also adds a decent amount of backspin which further helps with accuracy.


Forgiveness is the quality of a club to “forgive” badly hit shots. In other words, forgiving clubs will allow for good quality strokes despite poor contact with the ball. 3 woods tend to be more forgiving than others and are perfectly suited for high handicappers and beginners. Most of these come with technologies that protect against mishits and off-center shots. 


As mentioned before, many golfers have replaced their drivers with 3 woods due to higher accuracy. Price is another factor that is pushing golfers towards 3 woods. They are drastically cheaper than drivers, and you can save a lot of money if you choose a 3 wood, especially if you’re a beginner.