Buying Guide For The Best 33 Degrees Hybrid Golf Clubs

There are different varieties of hybrid golf clubs that come in diverse shapes and sizes. Each one of them has its own unique & special benefits. Various brands provide their trademark technologies and features that improve hybrid golf clubs’ quality simultaneously.

Moreover, hybrid golf clubs are an adequate substitute for long irons, which are among the most challenging golf clubs to master. Golfers struggle to master the technique to hit long irons; therefore, many choose to replace them with hybrid golf clubs. 

Knowingly, hybrid golf clubs have a bigger club head with a lower and deeper center of gravity. This larger clubhead and low center of gravity create optimal conditions for a perfect launch.

Furthermore, these structural and systemic attributes also intensify forgiveness and ball speed to an unimaginable degree. The most popular hybrids are 19 degrees, 18 degrees, and 21 degrees hybrids, as these are highly versatile. 

However, we’ll limit the discussion to hybrids with 33 degrees loft, also known as 7-hybrid. Educating oneself about some essential factors of the best 33 degrees hybrid Golf clubs is helpful before stepping into the market. 

We have put together a list of the essential features of the best 33 degrees hybrid golf clubs into a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Have a look at it! 

What are 33 degrees hybrid golf clubs?

33-degree hybrids are hybrid golf clubs with a loft of 33 degrees. As mentioned above, rather than being represented by a numerical value like other golf clubs, hybrid golf clubs are indicated by their loft, in this case, 33 degrees. 

Nonetheless, many golfers choose to maintain the same level as other golf clubs and use numbers to identify hybrids. Such particular people would rather use the term 7-hybrid instead of a 33-degree hybrid golf club.

33 degrees hybrids are not the most popular hybrid golf clubs because of their significantly higher loft and less versatility. However, many golfers prefer to use the 33 degrees hybrid golf clubs instead of the driver or some fairway woods. 

Shaft length and material 

The shaft length is one of the reasons for 33 degrees golf club’s popularity. The standard length for most of the 33 degrees hybrid golf clubs on the market is 38.5-38 inches. This is not regulatory size, but this length has become the default configuration over the years. Most brands agree that 38 inches is a suitable length for 33 degrees hybrid golf clubs. The shaft length is slightly shorter for women’s hybrid golf clubs, as most of them are 37.5 to 38 inches long. This length is similar to that of a 19 degrees hybrid golf club.