Buying Guide For Best Blade Irons

Irons are some of the most essential golf clubs that you’ll find in a golfer’s bag. Despite the arrival of utility clubs and hybrid, nearly every golfer prefers to keep a few irons in their bag. 

However, most golfers are confused about whether to buy cavity-back irons or blade irons. Apparently, you have made up your mind that you’re in the market for blade irons. 

But before you splash your money and buy the best blade iron, you should keep a few factors in mind. These factors will help you decide the best blade iron to bring the best out of your approach play. 

What Are Blade Irons

Blade irons are among the oldest golf clubs and have a rich history. They were the only type of irons and had no competition before the introduction of cavity back irons in the 1980s.

Blade irons are aptly named as they resemble a blade-like structure. These are slender, sleek, and have a more compact design. Usually, blade irons are constructed using a single piece of metal, leading to a more compact and elegant clubhead design. 

The best blade irons offer several advantages to a specific section of the golfing community, most of them lying on the bottom end of the handicap spectrum. 

How Are Blade Irons Helpful

Blade irons offer numerous advantages to golfers due to their peculiar design and decades-old trust and reliability. As we mentioned earlier, blade irons were the original irons before cavity back irons were introduced only a few decades ago. 

Countless golfers have won major and amateur tournaments playing with the best blade irons. Despite competition from cavity back irons, the best blade irons enjoy considerable success in the global market and remain immensely popular. This is because of their various benefits and advantages.

Blade irons are lightweight by design and are sleeker, making them ideal for high ball speed and longer distances. They are also helpful for hitting creative shots like fades and draws. Another perk of blade irons is they give you more control during approach play and provide more stopping power on the green.

Therefore, looking at these factors, it is clear that the best blade irons are suitable for experienced players, ideally lying on the mid or low handicap range. 

Drawbacks Of Blade Irons

If you read the above section describing the benefits of the best blade irons, many of you would’ve noticed something was missing. Indeed there was, and it is crucial for any golf club. We’re talking about forgiveness. 

Blade irons may have the edge when it comes to distance, launch angles, and ball speed. But they fall behind when it comes to forgiveness. Most blade irons are not the most forgiving as their primary focus is on speed and carry distance. 

Moreover, making the club more forgiving marginally takes away its ability to play creative shots. Hence, if you’re looking for a highly forgiving iron with larger sweet spots, blade irons might not be the best choice for you. A high handicapper or an amateur might not get the best out of a blade iron. 

Shaft For Best Blade Irons

Whether you’re buying a blade iron or a cavity back iron, shaft material and flex are two factors you simply cannot ignore. You can choose from either a graphite shaft or a steel shaft. Your decision should be based on your goals and what areas of your game you are looking to improve. 

For example, if accuracy and precision are your priorities, steel shafts will work best for you. Steel is a stiffer and heavier material than graphite, which means it flexes less and makes your shots more accurate.

Meanwhile, if you’re focused on speed and distance, graphite shafts are a better option. Being lighter and more flexible, graphite flexes more and is perfect for players who struggle with slow swing speed. However, you should note, graphite shafts will provide additional speed; however, you’ll compromise the precision.  

Shaft material is another vital aspect that you should consider while purchasing the best blade irons. The general rule of thumb is to go for a stiffer flex if you swing fast and vice versa. Most people are comfortable with a regular flex, but if you swing fast, you can also go for stiff or extra stiff flex. 

Blade Irons As Game Improvement Irons

Many of you might be aware of game improvement irons. If not, remember these irons are mainly designed for experienced and low handicap players to help them improve their game. Game improvement irons have slight variations in shape and design than most irons. 

Interestingly, the blade irons are generally excellent game improvement irons because of their design and construction. As mentioned earlier, it is easier to hit creative shots with blade irons, which ultimately improves your game and reduces your handicap score.

Game improvement irons are known for larger heads, wider soles, and more offset. They are armed with cutting-edge features that go a long way in improving your game.