About The Cobra Brand

Cobra Golf is one of the household names in the golf club industry. They are one of the oldest golf club companies with a rich history of nearly five decades. Thomas L. Crow founded Cobra Golf, an Australian golfer with a vision to make a range of distinctive golf clubs. 

Cobra was one of the first companies to come up with the idea of an oversized golf club in the early 1990s. Before that, they were among the first to manufacture utility golf clubs that could be used in multiple areas of a golf course. By the mid-90s, Cobra had established itself as one of the leading names in the golf industry.

Tiger Woods was an upcoming star during this time, and he won his first major tournament using Cobra’s Deep Face driver, enhancing the brand image to an even greater extent. 

Since then, Cobra has emerged as one of the best golf club brands with a portfolio of cutting-edge golf clubs in most categories. Now they compete with global brands such as SrixonWilsonTaylorMadeCleveland, and Callaway

Over the years, Cobra has changed hands numerous times, beginning with American Brands Inc. (later known as Fortune Brands) in 1996. The company was grouped together into the Acushnet Company along with their other brands like Titleist and FootJoy. Most recently, Cobra Golf was acquired by the German multinational giant Puma in 2010. 

Why You Should Buy The Best Cobra Irons

In the previous section, we mentioned Cobra’s rich history of more than five decades. This long run in the golf club industry gives them plenty of expertise to make some of the best golf irons.

Moreover, as a subsidiary of Puma, one of the largest sporting conglomerates, it allows them to recruit some of the best talents for research and development. 

As a result, Cobra offers a wide range of golf irons that cater to every golfer’s needs across the handicap spectrum. These irons are more technologically advanced and perform better than most of their competitors. The best Cobra irons come with futuristic features that are exclusive to the brand and can’t be found anywhere else. 

However, the most compelling reason to buy the best Cobra irons is their price. Somehow, Cobra uses its resources efficiently, allowing them to lower prices to an unbelievable amount. Despite being on par with their competitors, the best Cobra irons cost significantly less. 

Buying Guide For The Best Cobra Irons

Cobra golf irons come in a variety of shapes and configurations. Some of these are blade irons, while others are cavity back. Some are more forgiving than others, while some give blistering-fast ball speeds.

Choosing the best Cobra irons can be a daunting task and can overwhelm many golfers. That is why you should clarify some fundamental factors about the best Cobra irons.

We have laid down a comprehensive buyer’s guide explaining all the necessary information. Check it out. 

Forgiveness In The Best Cobra Irons

Whether you’re in the market for the best Cobra irons or any other brand, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of forgiveness.

The most commonly agreed-upon definition of forgiveness is the quality of a golf club to enable good quality shots despite making improper contact. In simple words, a forgiving golf club will “forgive” badly hit strikes. 

All golf clubs, including the best Cobra irons, have an in-built sweet spot. The goal is to make contact at this sweet spot, which causes maximum ball speed, distance, and an optimal flight path.

Forgiving golf irons will have a wider sweet spot that covers more clubface area, reducing the chance of mishits. 

In general, golf irons with high-end features are more forgiving than others. However, we have mentioned a few pocket-friendly Cobra irons for golfers who are on a constrained budget. Regardless of the golf iron brand, the best option would be to choose the golf with the highest forgiveness. 

Technology and Features

Golf companies are always looking for ways to get ahead of their competitors, and technology plays a critical role. Cobra is one of the few companies that leverage technology to give their competitors a run for their money. As a result, their golf irons are some of the most technologically advanced in the global market. 

All of the best Cobra irons in our list, including Radspeed Irons, Speedzone Irons, Forged Tec Irons, among others, come with an exhaustive list of state of the art technology. These include the PowerShell Face, Cobra Connect, Carbon Fiber Topline, Co-Mold Medallion among several others. 

Shaft Material and Flex

Many golf experts say shaft Material is the most critical aspect of golf clubs, including the irons. Graphite and steel shafts are the most common shaft material choice for Cobra irons. 

As it is the heavier of the two materials, steel is stiffer and flexes less. Due to the flex being low, precision is high, but speed is low. The high precision causes steel shafts to have a more penetrating and accurate ball path. 

Meanwhile, graphite shafts are most suitable for players who need help with their slow swing speed. Graphite is lighter than steel, which causes it to flex more and provide extra speed. However, this enhanced speed comes at a cost, as the shot accuracy is not the best.  

Shaft flex is another pivotal factor that plays a crucial role in golf irons. Most Cobra irons on our list come in 3 different flex options, regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior. It would help if you chose as per your swing speed. For instance, if you swing fast, you should opt for a stiffer flex and vice versa. 

Try Single Length Irons

As the name suggests, single length irons come in sets where each iron has an identical length. The only factor that changes is the golf club loft. You can read more about them here. Cobra is one of the most well-known brands that make high-end single length iron sets. 

Many of the entries on this list, including, SpeedzoneRadspeed, and Forged Tec Irons, also have a single length version