As golfers are becoming more environmentally friendly, electric golf carts are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of gas-powered or mechanical golf carts, electric golf carts release no emissions and have a minimal carbon footprint. That is why golfers are choosing more electric golf carts instead of regular gas powered or push golf carts. 

At the same time, buying an electric golf cart is not as easy as it seems. The market is full of various kinds of electric golf carts, and it is a formidable challenge to find the one that is ideal for your requirements. You must keep in mind several key considerations before making a final purchase decision. We recommend that you thoroughly go through these important factors and shortlist a few electric golf carts based on your preferences. 

Here are some of the critical factors you must consider:


As batteries are the power source of all electric carts, you must choose a cart with an optimal battery life that can last long enough to go through an entire game. There’s no point in buying an electric golf cart with a weak battery that lasts only a few hours. Your focus should be on purchasing an electric golf cart with an extended battery life that can endure the entire length of a golf game. 

Besides the battery life, the type of battery is also an important consideration. Golfers usually have two choices when it comes to electric golf carts’ batteries, lead-acid and lithium-ion. Both these types of batteries have unique attributes that fulfill specific purposes. Generally, lead-acid batteries are heavier and are based on older technology.

Meanwhile, lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, easy to carry around, and based on newer and more innovative technology. We recommend golfers choose electric golf carts with lithium-ion batteries. 


The cart’s size and weight are crucial factors as you’ll want a cart that takes minimal space and is easy to carry anywhere. It would be best if you always chose a lighter cart that is small enough to fit in a car trunk.

However, by purchasing a lightweight electric golf cart, you’ll have to compromise the cart’s tensile strength and longevity. The best electric golf carts are lightweight enough and also are exceptionally robust and sturdy. 


The number of wheels in an electric golf cart is decisive in determining its stability. As a general rule of thumb, more wheels mean more stability and balance. The best electric golf carts have an adequate number of wheels that promote more stability, balance and make it easy to maneuver the golf cart in tricky situations. 

Generally, electric golf carts have three wheels, but as golfers are becoming more and more adventurous in their golfing escapades, the need for extra stability increases. 

Several brands are adding an extra-rear wheel (often foldable) to boost resilience in rugged terrains. Besides the number of wheels, the wheel size also plays a vital role as larger wheels tend to be more stable and easy to maneuver. The electric golf cart’s tires shouldn’t be small enough as they would not provide any stability, while larger tires will affect their maneuverability. 

Other Factors About The Best Electric Golf Carts

Besides the most important factors about the best electric golf carts mentioned above, here are some additional considerations for your information. 


A modern golfer expects miscellaneous accessories like beverage holder, umbrella stand, valuables storage, and scorecard holder to be already present at no extra charge. The best electric golf carts come with several additional accessories which help golfers. 


Most electric golf carts come with a fully functioning remote control operation in all four directions. Golfers expect their golf carts to move effortlessly in all four directions for smooth functioning. However, many remote-controlled electric golf carts are missing reverse mode which can be a frustrating experience. Some older models still come with the manual operation mode. 


The motor is the powerhouse of the cart, and you must pay attention to it. Most golf carts will go for the most powerful motor that they find in the market, which makes sense. A powerful motor will allow you to do uphill climbs without any noticeable difficulty. A substandard motor will struggle on steep climbs and drain your energy, affecting your game.

However, a motor’s power ability is inversely proportional to the battery life, meaning a powerful motor will have poor battery life and vice versa.