What to look for in an electric golf cart- A buyer’s guide.

Buying an electric golf cart is not as easy as it seems. There are several key considerations that you must keep in mind before making a final purchase decision. Here are some of the critical factors you must consider:

Battery type and duration

As batteries are the power source of all electric carts, it is crucial you choose a cart that has optimal battery life that can last long enough to go through an entire game.

Moreover, two types of batteries are used, Lithium-ion and Lead-acid. Of these, Lead-acid batteries are much heavier, and golfers usually avoid those.

Size and weight

The cart’s size and weight are crucial factors as you’ll want a cart that takes minimal space and is easy to carry anywhere. You should always choose a lighter cart that is small enough to fit in a car trunk.

However, a lighter cart might not have the same tensile strength and longevity as a heavier one.

Number of wheels and wheel size

The number of wheels in a cart is a decisive factor in determining its stability. As a general rule of thumb, more wheels mean more stability and balance.

That is why several brands are adding an extra-rear wheel (often foldable) to boost resilience in rugged terrains. Moreover, the wheel size also plays a vital role as larger wheels tend to be more stable and easy to maneuver. 


A modern golfer expects miscellaneous accessories like beverage holder, umbrella stand, valuables storage, and scorecard holder to be already present at no extra charge. However, not all brands are not generous enough to provide the same. 

Remote or manual operation

Most electric golf carts come with a fully functioning remote control operation in all four directions. However, there are a few that don’t offer reverse motion which can be frustrating. Some of them offer dual operability by including manual control. 


The motor is the powerhouse of the cart, and you must pay attention to it. A powerful motor will allow you to do uphill climbs without any noticeable difficulty. A substandard motor will struggle on steep climbs and will drain your energy, affecting your game in the process.