Buyer’s Guide For The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Golf drivers are among the most popular golf clubs in the larger golf community. Other clubs like irons and fairway woods are also vital but drivers tend to steal all the limelight. Moreover, golf drivers are among the most expensive type of golf clubs as they cost more than hybrids and putters as well. Naturally, the decision to purchase a golf driver requires meticulous planning and thought to get the best results. 

Drivers are primarily involved in the initial stages of any golf match for hitting the ball from the tee box. Many golfers prefer a driver over fairway woods in more advanced stages, for example, in the fairway or the rough. A high-quality driver ensures that the golfer gets a good launch in the early stages, which boosts their confidence for the rest of the match. 

Consequently, golf drivers are among the most talked about golf clubs in the amateur golfing community. Golfers who are beginners and have recently embarked on their golfing journeys often find themselves in a conundrum while purchasing a golf driver. Many factors are associated with the best golf drivers for beginners, which can be overwhelming for some people. 

These factors may be directly related to the golf driver, like its forgiveness, the type of materials used, design, and features. While other factors are related to the user, for instance, the playing style and the overall budget a golfer has. Collectively, both these sets of factors influence the decision of an individual who is looking to buy the best golf drivers for beginners. 

Other factors like shaft material, spin performance, forgiveness etc also play a critical role in the purchase decision. We have compiled a list of the most common and important factors related to the best golf drivers for beginners in a comprehensive buyer’s guide. This guide will help you make an informed decision based on your requirements and ease your purchase process. Check it out. 


Golf is widely regarded as a sport only for the rich and wealthy, which is true to some extent. Nevertheless, many golfers, including beginners, are often on a tight budget when buying equipment, making price one of the primary concerns for such players. Beginners look for affordable options as they’re still learning the trade and, naturally, don’t want to overspend on any golf club. 

We suggest beginner golfers should create an appropriate budget for each golf club and shortlist all the viable options that fit into it. It is also necessary to keep the realistic price expectations of every golf club that a player might need. For instance, the cost of the driver can begin from 60 dollars and could be hundreds of dollars for a single golf club. In other words, the price of some golf clubs is higher than others, and golf drivers are arguably the most expensive. 

Most of the golf clubs we’ve mentioned in the list are pocket friendly and provide a great return on investment. A couple of drivers are somewhat expensive as they were launched very recently and are among the most technologically advanced in the current market. 


Beginners sometimes struggle to make clean contact with a club. In other words, they either hit the ball with improper timing or strike the ball from the fringes of the clubface. Golf clubs provide the best results when struck from the clubface’s center, leading to faster and longer shots. This is true for the case of golf drivers as well. 

This is where the concept of forgiveness comes into play. In layman’s terms, forgiveness is any golf club’s quality to allow or “forgive” badly timed shots. This means players can expect the same results, regardless of the strike position. This means a golfer can expect to hit longer and faster shots from a highly forgiving golf driver. Forgiveness is arguably the most vital in case of drivers than any other club. 

Understandably, most beginners prefer playing with a club that ranks high in forgiveness to maximize their winning chances. The concept of forgiveness is directly related to the club’s sweet spot, which is usually larger in forgiving clubs. A more expansive and broader sweet spot allows golfers to be more creative and innovative with their play without worrying about mishits. 

Technology and Features

Technology plays a vital role in every aspect of today’s society, including sports and games. Golf is arguably the most technologically active sport as modern golf equipment is designed using sophisticated procedures based on scientific methodologies. Modern golf clubs are far superior to the clubs used by golfers of the bygone era.

Moreover, companies leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage, even in golf. Leading brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, Cobra, and others use technological advancements to make their products more attractive than their competitors.

Beginners should pay close attention to the features and technology of the golf drivers they want to buy. We recommend choosing the features that complement one’s playing style and opt for a specialized approach rather than a generalist one. 

Distance vs. Accuracy

The question of whether a player should prioritize distance or precision has been around since golf became a professional sport. This is all the more important for beginners who are just starting their golfing journeys. Players generally focus on one of the two aforementioned attributes and build their game around it. Hence, it is vital to make an informed choice that should also suit your playing style. 

More often than not, golf players need to sacrifice one of the two if they’re focusing on the other. For instance, golf drivers that are designed for maximum distance and speed are usually not the best when it comes to accuracy. Most modern golf drivers still adhere to this principle, but many notable exceptions exist.

Modern golf drivers focus on a holistic approach, giving equal importance to speed, distance, and accuracy. These are usually pricier, and the more affordable golf drivers are typically single-focused. 

Regardless, golfers must prioritize and build their game around one of these parameters. They should also choose a golf driver suiting those requirements. 


The shaft is a vital component of the best golf drivers for beginners, who must choose a shaft that suits their needs. Many players ignore the importance of golf driver shafts and regret it later. Golfers must pay special attention to the shaft material, flex, and brand to get the best results. 

The two materials choices are graphite and steel, each offering different benefits. Graphite is a lighter and more flexible material, making it good for maximum speed. In contrast, steel is heavy and stiff, causing it to flex less and enabling more accurate shots, but with a slight decrease in speed and distance. 

The market has many well-known brands that deal in high-quality golf driver shafts, including Fjikura, ALDILA, and Mitsubishi.