Buyer’s Guide For Best Offset Irons

Golf is one of the most complicated sports with several terminologies that often confuse golfers. Most golfers ignore these terms and don’t bother educating themselves about them.

They fail to realize that every bit of information is crucial for becoming a better golfer and reducing your handicap. 

Offset is a term that many of you might’ve come across in your golfing life. It is mostly associated with drivers and irons, and for this article, we’ll restrict ourselves to irons.

Those who have never heard it before, don’t worry, we have explained everything you need to know about the best offset irons below. Keep reading. 

What Are Offset Irons 

There is no official definition of offset; however, several golfing experts agree on offsetting aspects. The definition of offset varies slightly depending on who you ask. Most people would define offset as a design feature in golf clubs in which the hosel or the neck is slightly bent. 

In other words, the clubhead and the shaft are not in line with one another in offset golf clubs as the clubhead is positioned behind the shaft. The clubface appears to lean back from the shaft and the neck due to the offset. 

Offsetting has several benefits, one of which is that it helps tremendously with removing the slice. This practice is more than a century old as Willie Smith, the famous Scottish golfer, invented offsetting in the late 1800s. 

What Do Offset Irons Do 

If you have read our article on tips for hitting irons perfectly, you might remember a vital piece of information. In that article, we have strongly emphasized the relative hand and club positions at the time of impact.

Upon impact, your hands should lead the way and should be ahead of the clubhead. This position is critical for launching the ball high in the air with optimal ball trajectory and ball speed. 

Offset irons can be a massive help to remove this problem. In the best offset irons, the clubface is pushed back by design, which increases the chances of hitting the ball with your hands leading the way instead of the clubface.  

Why You Should Choose The Best Offset Irons

There are several reasons why golfers would choose the best offset irons. Generally, the best offset irons are designed for amateurs and beginners who need help maintaining the correct hand and clubhead position upon impact. We have discussed the benefits of using the best offset irons below. 

Help In Fixing The Slice

The primary benefit of offset irons is they help in fixing the slice. Golfers who tend to slice the ball too often should definitely consider switching to offset irons. The best offset irons have a draw bias position, which reduces the side spin and keeps the ball path straight. 

Keeps the Clubface Square 

As mentioned above, offset irons cause you to lead with your hands instead of the clubhead. This might not sound like much, but it goes a long way in keeping the clubface square at impact. A square clubface means the shot will be straight and is more likely to reach the green. 

Increases The Launch Angle

Ball flight is the most crucial concern of manufacturers while designing golf clubs. Primarily, it depends on the spin rate and conditions. Offsetting is among the most popular techniques that help in optimizing the spin conditions, causing a higher launch angle. 

Who Is Offset Irons Best For

Despite its promising benefits, the best offest irons have some drawbacks that can harm your game in the long run. Here are the most important ones.

Only A Temporary Fix

Slice is usually caused by an improper swing technique rather than the golf club. This means, even if you manage to fix your slice by using the best offset irons, you still haven’t fixed the underlying problem. The anomaly in your swing still exists, which will resurface as soon as you switch back to non-offset irons. 


Using the best offset irons too frequently can cause permanent or long-term issues with your swing. In other words, offset irons might “over-fix” your slice, meaning you’re likely to develop a hooking tendency by using them for a prolonged period.