What to look for in a push-pull cart (Buyer’s guide)

Golf carts are one of the most innovative tools you’ll need on a golf course. They help easily transport your golfing accessories from one part of the course to another. The market is full of different types of golf carts based, including the best junior push carts, and each of them provides various benefits and unique features. Regardless of what kind of golf cart you choose, there are certain features you must keep in mind. However, it would help if you understood that many of these features might cost extra. 

Three or Four Wheels

The number of wheels should be the first thing on your mind when you’re looking for the best push carts. Most carts have either three or four wheels, and golfers are usually confused about which one to buy as each of them has different benefits. In general, four-wheeled carts rank better in terms of maneuverability and balance, but simultaneously, they can be a little bulkier. Carrying a four-wheeled push cart in a small car can be tough. 

On the other hand, three-wheeled carts may not be as stable as their 4-wheeled carts but are generally more lightweight and compact. The best golf push carts in terms of ease of transport have 3 wheels. 3-wheeled carts are better for ladies and women golfers who want a lightweight option. However, it should be noted that 3-wheeled carts are less stable and offer less maneuverability. Regardless of the number of wheels, it would help if you chose a cart with light and airless wheels with a wide frame.


Golf courses rarely have level surfaces, and the chances of your push or pull cart sliding downhill are massive. There’s no point in worrying about your golf cart rolling away when you’re focused on the game. That is why a braking mechanism is necessary for the best golf push carts.

Push cart manufacturers are aware of this problem and have added innovative braking solutions as the remedy. The best golf push carts have foot brakes that you simply activate with a tap. Few push cart models have equally effective hand brakes. These braking systems prevent the push cart from rolling downhill when you’re full attention is in the game. 


A golf cart must be lightweight to make it easy to carry around. At the same time, it must be sturdy enough so that it doesn’t tip over by a gust of wind. In general, experts suggest you buy a cart that suits your weight requirements and is easy to carry around. The best golf push carts weigh between 13 and 17 pounds as they are resilient and lightweight at the same time.

Folding mechanism

A folding mechanism can be a handy feature when you’re worried about transporting your best golf push carts. A golf cart that can be folded is always a better option as it is easy to carry around. Thankfully, all of the latest golf carts can be folded into a smaller size; however, the mechanism is different in each one of them.

Some have patented technology that enables them to fold and unfold instantly. In others, the same procedure is a bit complicated or requires extra strength, which might not be suitable for every golfer. 

Extra Features In The Best Golf Push Carts

Modern golf cart manufacturers add luxurious features to their products. Some of these features are over the top, while others can be convenient on a golf course. We have mentioned some of the most important elements of the best golf push carts below. You should select a golf push cart that has some, if not all, of these features. 

Bag grip

A golf cart’s primary function is to act as a ride for your bag and other equipment. So, the best golf push-pull carts must have a proper safety mechanism to hold the bag securely so that it doesn’t fall off in case of a bumpy ride. 


Several golf push carts come with a portable/ foldable seat that can be useful for exhausted golfers. You can sit on this seat for short periods, like when your opponent is taking a shot and gaining back some valuable energy. 


Maneuverability is another vital aspect of the best golf push carts as it decides how you’ll move the cart around the golf course. Some brands add specialized features like the 360-swivel wheel that provides better maneuverability on a wide range of terrains. 

Additional Storage

Golfers require extra storage to place their valuables and other accessories like cell phones, beverages, scorecards, spare balls, and tees. The best golf push carts have dedicated slots to store these additional accessories, and some also come with cooled compartments. 


A cart can often come with manufacturing defects such as broken parts or faulty build quality, reducing the product’s longevity. A warranty is necessary in such cases as it secures your investment.