Buying Guide For Best TaylorMade Irons

About TaylorMade

TaylorMade Golf Company is one of the most prestigious golf companies worldwide. It is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, and was founded in 1979 by Gary Adams. TaylorMade began to cement itself in the golf industry in the 2000s, which is evident by the fact that it had its first billion dollars in revenue in 2006. 

TaylorMade had changed hands numerous times since its inception, most recently when Centroid Investment Partners purchased it from KPS Capital Partners in May 2021. Previously, TaylorMade was independently owned until the Salomon Group acquired it in 1984. In 2005, Adidas bought TaylorMade from Salomon for an undisclosed amount. 

TaylorMade is known for its high-end golf equipment, including golf clubs, golf balls, and clothing. However, TaylorMade’s primary emphasis is on manufacturing state-of-the-art golf clubs, particularly drivers and irons.

TaylorMade is one of the market leaders in golf drivers and irons sales. Several world number ones, including Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and Dustin Johnson, have regularly used TaylorMade equipment.

Why You Should Choose TaylorMade Irons

As we mentioned earlier, TaylorMade is one of the oldest golf companies with more than 40 years of experience in making high-quality golf equipment. Moreover, it was owned by Adidas and Salomon at different times, both of whom are distinguished sports companies as well.

Furthermore, these factors allow TaylorMade to recruit some of the most talented researchers and engineers that design world-class golf irons. TaylorMade is one of the few golf companies alongside Callaway, Srixon, Mizuno, PING, and others specializing in technologically advanced features. 

TaylorMade’s irons are also more aesthetically pleasing than other brands. Models like SiM 2 Max Irons, P790, and SiM Max are some of the best-looking golf irons in the market. 

Other Factors About The Best TaylorMade Irons

Whether you’re buying the best TaylorMade irons or any other well-known brand, you must have clarity about certain factors about golf irons. These factors are generally universal for all golf irons and will help you make a better informed decision. Here are the most important ones. 

Features and Technology

The golf industry is not free from the corporate competition; in fact, it might be one of the industries with the most intense competition. The golf club industry is full of renowned brands owned by giant corporate houses all over the world. These corporations are mainly driven by profit and are always looking to get ahead of their competitors.

Modern golf companies add advanced technology and features to their golf products to push them ahead of their competitors. TaylorMade is among the most technologically superior companies in the golf club business. For instance, most of their irons come with ingenious technologies and features such as Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology.


Forgiveness should be among your primary concerns while purchasing the best TaylorMade irons or for any other brand. The most widely known definition of forgiveness is the ability of a golf club to enable good quality shots despite being poorly hit. In simple words, a forgiving golf club will “forgive” badly hit or off-center shots. 

All golf clubs, including the best TaylorMade irons, have a sweet spot. The aim is to make contact at this sweet spot, providing maximum ball speed, distance, and a promising flight path. Forgiving golf irons will have a wider sweet spot that covers a substantial area of the clubface. This dramatically reduces the chances of mishits. 

In general, the higher the price, the more will be the forgiveness, and vice versa. Expensive golf irons are made from high-quality materials and have advanced features that increase their forgiveness. However, we have mentioned a few affordable TaylorMade irons for golfers who are on a tight budget. 


TaylorMade has an extensive range of golf irons for different types of golfers. Most of their golf irons tend to be on the pricier side as they are more technologically advanced. 

Price is a valid constraint for many of those who are beginning their golfing journeys. That is why TaylorMade makes few golf irons that lie on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, you should consider the best TaylorMade irons as an investment as they have a longer life span than other brands. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you should buy some of the older TaylorMade models as their prices would’ve dropped over time. 

Shaft Material And Flex

Many experts argue that shaft Material is the most critical aspect of golf clubs, including the best TaylorMade irons. Graphite and steel shafts are the most common shaft material choice for TaylorMade irons. 

As it is the heavier of the two materials, steel is stiffer and heavier than graphite. Because of this, the flex is low, but the precision is high. That is why golfers who are looking for accuracy and a desirable ball trajectory play with steel shafts.

On the other hand, graphite shafts are better suited for golfers who need help with their slow swing speed. Graphite is lighter and more flexible than steel, which causes it to flex more and add extra speed. However, this extra speed comes at a cost, as your shot accuracy is slightly compromised.  

Shaft flex is another critical factor that plays a crucial role. Most TaylorMade irons on our list come in 3 different flex options, regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior. It would help if you chose as per your swing speed. For instance, if you swing fast, you should opt for a stiffer flex and vice versa.