What To Look for In Best Value Golf Drivers

If your goal is to get maximum value from your golf driver, you must pay attention to the following factors.


Price plays a vital role in deciding the best value golf driver. Usually, it is easier to extract maximum value from a low-priced driver than a high-priced one. 

Generally, as you lower your price range, you compromise on the advanced features that come with the hefty price tag, barring a few exceptions. 


Driver brands intentionally add advanced technological enhancements to improve the shot quality. Some of these features help in removing the slice while others add speed and distance to your shots.

We have mentioned several golf drivers in this article that come with these technological features. For instance, the SiM 2 Max Driver from TaylorMade comes with a SiM inertia generator and twist face technology for faster and straighter drives.


Initially, drivers were made from stainless steel or similar alloys. However, lately, titanium has emerged as the most popular choice for a driver material.

The reason why titanium is the preferred choice is due to its high tensile strength and exceptionally low weight. Composite materials are also becoming more popular for making driver heads. For shafts, titanium, stainless steel, and graphite are the most in-demand materials.