Buying Guide For Best Women’s Golf Irons

It is no wonder that women are joining the ranks of their male counterparts when golfing is concerned. More and more young girls are picking up their golf clubs from a very young age to embark on their golf journeys. 

Irons are among the most important clubs in your golf bag and many women golfers are in two minds about purchasing new irons. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place. Before buying the best women’s golf irons, you must have an understanding of a few rudimentary factors.

We have compiled a list of these factors in a detailed buying guide for your convenience. Check it out. 


Shaft material and flex are two critical factors you cannot ignore when looking for the best women’s golf irons. Graphite and steel are the two most common choices, and each one offers different benefits. Your decision should be based on whether you’re looking for accuracy or want to ameliorate your slow swing speed.  

If you’re looking for more accuracy and precision, steel shafts are ideal for you. Steel is a heavier material than graphite, which means it flexes less and makes your shots more stable and accurate. 

On the other hand, graphite shafts are a better solution if speed and distance are your priorities. Graphite is a more flexible and lighter material than steel, so it flexes more and is suitable for women golfers who struggle with slow swing speed. However, you should note that graphite shafts will provide additional speed but compromise the shot accuracy. 


Forgiveness will always play a vital role in your buying decision for the best women’s golf irons. The most commonly agreed-upon definition of forgiveness in the golfing community is any golf club’s ability to allow good quality shots despite poor contact. In simple words, a forgiving golf club will “forgive” badly hit shots. 

All golf clubs, including the best women’s golf irons, have an inherent sweet spot. During your swing, your goal should be to make contact at this sweet spot. This will give maximum ball speed, distance, and a desirable flight path. Forgiving golf irons will have a wider sweet spot that covers a significantly larger clubface area. This drastically reduces the chances of mishits. 

In general, pricier women’s golf irons with advanced features are more forgiving than others. However, we have also mentioned a couple of affordable irons for people on a tight budget. 

Consider Offset Irons

Generating a higher launch angle is a problem that several women golfers face during their careers. As it turns out, offset irons are a brilliant way to achieve steeper launches and higher speed without any significant swing adjustments. There are various other ways offset irons can be a decent choice for you. Here are the three important ones. 

Help In Fixing The Slice

The primary advantage of offset irons is they are beneficial in fixing the slice. Players who slice the ball more often should consider switching to offset irons. Offset irons come with a natural draw bias position, which minimizes the side spin and keeps the ball path straight. 

Keeps the Clubface Square 

By using offset irons regularly, you will develop a habit of leading with your hands instead of the clubhead. The goal is to maintain a square clubface upon impact, ensuring straighter shots. As you lead with your hands, the likelihood of a square clubface increases dramatically.  

Increases The Launch Angle

Ball flight is among the primary concerns of manufacturers while designing golf clubs. Mainly, it depends on the spin rate and launch conditions. Offsetting is among the most reliable techniques that help in optimizing the spin conditions, causing a higher launch angle. 

Cavity Back Or Blade Irons

While you’re looking for the best women’s golf irons, we’d recommend you educate yourself about blade irons and cavity back irons

Blade irons have a rich history, and they were the original irons as they have been in vogue for over a century. They enjoyed a competition-free market before the introduction of cavity back irons in the 1980s.

Blade irons are aptly named as they have a blade-like design. These are slender, sleek, and are more compact. Usually, manufacturers use a single piece of metal to create a blade iron, creating an elegant and compact clubhead design.  

On the other hand, Cavity back irons are more recent and arguably more advanced than blade irons, as they came out only a few decades ago in the 1980s. They were rolled out as an alternative to the traditional blade or muscle-back irons. The original blade iron design featured a heavy mass at the face’s backside.

However, golf club companies explored new avenues and created a unique design with cavity back irons by making the backside hollow. This new and innovative design made the golf clubs far more forgiving without causing a dent in the ball speed and long distances of blade irons.

Features And Technology

You’ll notice corporate competition in every industry, and golf is no exception. The golf club industry is full of renowned brands owned by multinational corporations. These corporations are driven by profit and are looking for ways to beat their competitors.

Modern golf companies including CallawayCobraSrixonTaylorMade, and others augment their golf irons with sophisticated features and technology.

Technology has emerged an effective means for golf companies to get better than their competitors. Eventually, the winners are golfers who get to play with some of the most technologically advanced golf clubs. 

We recommend you look at all the features of these best women’s golf irons and pick the one that suits your playing style. If you’re looking for more forgiveness, you should look for golf irons with a larger sweet spot instead of one that focuses on speed. 

Should You Carry A Hybrid 

Hybrids can add another dimension to your game and offer much more than traditional iron. In addition, many golfers, including women, find it immensely challenging to get the hang of long irons. That is why many women golfers, including several notable LPGA professionals, include a hybrid in their golf bags. 

Here are a few reasons that arguably make hybrids a better choice than long irons.

  • The oversized club head is the most prominent feature of hybrid golf clubs. Due to the large size, this clubhead has a much deeper center of gravity than long irons.  
  • This low CG makes hybrid golf clubs vastly more forgiving than irons, providing more consistency and reliability even on off-center hits. 
  • Meanwhile, long irons belong to the class of the most challenging golf clubs. A slight mistake in the setup, swing technique, or posture can cause horrible shots.
  • Most people take years to master the correct technique to hit long irons. In contrast, you can hit hybrids expertly in only a matter of months.
  • The low center of gravity also deserves credit for creating ideal conditions for a higher launch and a penetrating ball flight that carries longer distance than irons.
  • In addition, hybrids are ideal for landing the ball gently on the green due to the higher control.