What to look for in an Electric Golf Cart Battery/Buying Guide 

The buying process of an electric golf cart battery is the same as for any other product. To ensure that you choose the right battery for your needs, there are some factors you must keep in mind, such as:


In simplest terms, voltage is the potential difference required to generate current. Most batteries come in 6V, 8V, or 12V configurations and are suited for different types of carts. If you’re unsure about your cart’s voltage requirements, you can consult your manufacturer to get some information for the same.


Amperage is the real power output of a battery. As the amperage value rises, so does the power output and battery life. It is usually measured in amperes per hour or Ah. 

Battery Types

There are 3 primary types of batteries, these are:-

1. Flooded Lead Acid 

These are non-sealed batteries and use lead plates and sulphuric acid. These batteries are usually cheaper but require regular maintenance. 

2. Gel Lead Acid

These batteries are much safer, durable, and require minimal maintenance. They have a thickening agent that keeps the electrolytes still, thus enhancing durability.

3. AGM Lead Acid

Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM batteries use a fiberglass separator for electrolytes and are much more durable, efficient, and safer than others. 


Budget is the most critical consideration for any product, and electric golf cart batteries are no different. As the price range varies, so does the market offerings. You should always choose a battery that meets your budget and avoid overspending.


Weight is a factor that has dual implications. On the one hand, heavier batteries are tough to transport and can slow down your cart, but they also stay stable in your cart and are less likely to fall off.


Batteries are considered a long-term investment, so you must choose one with an extended warranty period. Most batteries have a 1  or 2 year warranty period, but some offer up to 5.