Buying guide for Best Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Choosing the wrong golf cart battery charger can be harmful to your battery; that is why you must keep a few things in mind before purchasing a golf cart battery charger. 


Most chargers come in either a 36 V version or a 48 V one. You must choose the cart that matches the voltage requirements of your cart. Failing to do so might lead to under or overcharging, which can damage your battery in the long run.

Plug Type

Golf cart battery chargers come with a variety of different plug types, including 3-pin round, 3-pin delta, D Style Powerwise, and several others. Make sure to buy a charger that is compatible with your cart, otherwise, it won’t work.

LED Indicator

LED indicators are hugely helpful in determining the battery charging status. These indicators let you know whether the battery is charging or not, so you can rectify the issue if it’s not charging.


Some golf cart battery chargers come with an LCD display that shows the number of amps being delivered or the time remaining for a full charge. If you come across a charger that has a display, go for it without hesitation.

Cord Length

Having a long cord length is always very convenient, as it will allow you to plug the charger regardless of your cart’s position. With those, you won’t have to worry about parking your cart near the charging point. 


Many golf cart battery chargers are compatible with only a single brand, which can be an issue if in the future you decide to buy a cart from a different brand. So, you should choose a versatile charger that supports multiple brands.

Trickle charge vs. Fast charge

Fast Charging is a boon, but only when if you unplug your charger on time. Otherwise, leaving it on for prolonged periods can damage the battery. On the other hand, the trickle charge is slower but much safer.