Buying Guide for Best Golf Cart Battery Meters

A golf cart battery meter is an integral component of an electric golf cart and you should put adequate thought and planning into the purchase decision.

Here are the few parameters you should keep in mind before buying:


The material quality is the primary feature of any battery meter. Most battery indicators in the market are made from high-quality ABS or metal.

Both of these materials are appropriate, but ABS battery meters are generally more lightweight and compact. 


Any praiseworthy golf cart battery must have adequate protection features against water, dust, and physical damages.

Most battery meters have all these protective enhancements; some even have certified weather resistance ratings, while some will fall short on protection against 1 or 2 hazards. 


The sole function of a battery meter is to show the battery and voltage status in an easy to understand and clearly visible manner. Battery meters use different types of display for this purpose.

Some have rectangular or square screens that show bar graphs, battery graphs, and even numerical values. Along with the battery capacity and voltage, some meters also show the temperature of the battery. 


Many golf cart battery meters are compatible with multiple battery types and voltages. While others will only work with a specific battery, say Li-ion or Lead Acid, and that too for a specific voltage.

If you’re planning to use a meter for different batteries, then you should always go for more versatile meters that work with several battery types. 


Alarms can be tremendously helpful in saving us from dire situations like in extremely low battery or voltage conditions.

Many battery meters come with a built-in alarm system, which goes off when the battery capacity or voltage goes beyond a certain level.