As golf carts are becoming more and more popular among golfers, the demand for golf cart accessories is rising. These accessories include golf cart light kits, golf cart windshields, golf cart batteries, and golf cart voltage reducers, among several others. 

Many of these items, like voltage reducers, are pretty much unheard of in the golfing world. However, these can be extremely important in dire situations. Golf cart battery meters are another component that many golf players overlook. 

Golf cart coolers are another accessory that is gaining traction in the golfing environment. As many golf courses are in hot and humid regions, golfers are always looking for regular and energetic refreshments. Golf cart coolers provide an elegant and effective way for golf enthusiasts to cool themselves off when things get too hot. 

However, before stepping into the market for the best golf cart coolers, golf players should educate themselves about certain factors. We have compiled a list of all the essential aspects of the best golf cart coolers into a detailed buyer’s guide below. Golf Cart Coolers come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you which one you want to choose.

At the same time, many states and golf courses have strict regulations and laws regarding golf cart coolers. Before buying, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

  • First of all, not all golf clubs will allow you to bring a cooler to their golf course. 
  • Secondly, you’re not allowed to drive if you have a cooler in your cart. 
  • Third, bringing your drinks to a game is strictly not allowed in many states.

Here are a few other factors you should keep in mind before buying a golf cart cooler.


As mentioned above, golf cart coolers in the current market come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The design you choose depends entirely on your preferences and requirements. We recommend you choose a golf cart cooler that ranks high when it comes to ease of transportation. 

The best golf cart coolers have shoulder or back straps which makes them easy to carry around. These kinds of coolers can be easily concealed, and you might be able to sneak in a drink or two in them. 

However, there are also box-style coolers, which are based on an older design and are easily recognizable. These are bulkier and cumbersome to carry around.


Size is another important consideration when it comes to golf cart coolers. If you plan on playing golf with several buddies, a large golf cart cooler will suit you better. However, smaller golf cart coolers make more sense if you only need it for a couple of people. 

The size of a golf cart cooler is related to its type. For instance, bag coolers are generally smaller and have less capacity, but they are simultaneously much more convenient and can be transported effortlessly. Golfers who need a cooler for only a handful of other companions usually buy bag-type golf cart coolers. 

On the other hand, Box-style coolers are bigger and have a larger capacity. They can store more stuff, but at the same time, it is a tedious task to carry them around. These golf cart coolers can also be used on hunting expeditions and family picnics and are suitable for hosting large parties.