Most golfers who own a golf cart park their carts outside, making them vulnerable to environmental damage. Many of them choose to build expensive garages for protection, or worse, they end up paying hundreds of dollars for repairs and maintenance. Golf cart covers or enclosures offer an affordable and effective solution for this problem. 

Along with windshields, Golf cart covers act as a protective shield against environmental hazards like rain, wind, and harsh sun. Rainwater is among the most dangerous threats to any golf cart that can damage its internal machinery. These circumstances make it necessary for golfers to invest in protective equipment like the best golf cart covers and enclosures. 

Golf Cart covers and enclosures come in various shapes and sizes, but not all of them will suit your golf cart. That is why there are a bunch of different factors that you need to consider before making up your mind. 

We have compiled a list of the most critical factors about the best golf cart enclosures in a comprehensive buying guide. Here it is. 


Golf cart covers are made from different types of materials, and each one offers unique benefits. The material is the primary aspect that you should worry about. Most golf cart covers are made from polyester and other synthetic materials like PVC, PE, and PEVA. Sometimes, the best golf cart covers are made from a mixture or combination of two or more of these materials.

In addition, some golf cart covers have an extra coating of other materials like Aluminum, Cotton, or PU. These golf cart covers with additional protective layers provide an extra cushion of safety from intense weather damage. 

Meanwhile, enclosures go a notch extra and also have vinyl windows. Each of these materials has its own unique benefits, and you must choose the most suitable one for you.


Besides material, a golf cart cover’s protective abilities are an essential factor that should influence your purchasing decision. Some of these are better than others as they are made from higher quality materials or have advanced features. 

Most golf cart covers and enclosures will promise protection from water and other hazards like dust, wind, and sun. However, not all of these covers are at par in their protective abilities. For instance, those with dedicated PU coating will be better at repelling water than normal ones. 

If your primary concern is protection against water damage, choosing a golf cart cover with PU coating is an ideal choice. 


Size is another important consideration for a golf cart cover. You don’t want to waste your money on a cover that will not fit your golf cart. Many golfers make the mistake of not giving adequate attention to golf cart cover size. They either buy a golf cart cover that is too small or too big for their golf cart. 

It is advisable to measure the dimensions of your golf cart and buy a cover accordingly. Currently, golf cart covers are designed according to the golf cart capacity in terms of people. The market offers golf cart covers for 2-seater and 4-seater vehicles. 


As some of the golf cart enclosures and covers can cost hundreds of dollars, a warranty provides some assurance for such a sizeable investment. A warranty protects your massive investment if the product, i.e., the golf cart cover, turns out to be defective.

A warranty will secure your investment if your cart gets damaged or doesn’t fulfill its obligations. The best golf cart covers in this list have at least a 1-year warranty, and some even have up to 3 years. We recommend that you choose the golf cart covers that come with a warranty of at least two years. 


The primary difference between a golf cart cover and an enclosure is their functions. While a standard cover will protect your cart while parked, an enclosure will protect it even while driving.

Golf cart enclosures are slightly more expensive than golf cart covers as golfers can also drive their carts with the enclosure. Moreover, a golf cart enclosure eliminates the possibility of removing and applying the golf cart cover after every golfing session. That is why golf cart enclosures might be a better option than golf cart covers. 

Enclosures come with transparent vinyl window panels and roll-down doors so that you leave them on while you’re driving.