Buying guide for Best Golf Cart Light Kits

Golf cart light kits are an integral part of your golf cart. However, due to the immense number of choices available in the market, the buying process becomes incredibly complicated.

So, you must keep some factors in mind before purchasing a golf cart light kit. Here are some of those factors.

Halogen vs LED

Golf cart light kits use two types of bulbs, namely, halogen and LED. Halogen light bulbs are based on an older technology that is tried and tested for decades.

However, these lights use more power and take a toll on your golf cart batteries, decreasing their lifespan in the process. 

On the other hand, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular these days and are based on the latest technology. These are much brighter than halogen lights and use significantly less battery power. 

Street legal vs Non-Street Legal

If you’re planning to use your golf cart on streets and public roads, you’ll have to install the street-legal lights. These are brighter and more powerful than non-street legal lights.

However, if your golf cart’s primary usage is on private properties like campsites, golf courses, and clubhouses, you might want to consider buying non-street legal lights.

These are slightly dimmer than street legal lights and are best suited for driving in areas that require less intense lights. 

Voltage reducer

A voltage reducer is a device that will decrease the output voltage of the battery to suit the requirements of the light kit. If you have a 6v or 8v battery, you will need a voltage reducer to run the light kit. It prevents the lights from burning out due to the high-intensity current from the battery.