Golf cart light kits are among the most integral parts of your golf cart, apart from golf cart windshields and golf cart battery meters. Most golf carts come with pre-installed light kits, but if you’re not satisfied with them, you can always install new ones. These golf cart light kits offer several more benefits than pre-installed ones. This article talks about the best golf cart light kits in the market, including their pros, cons, and key features. 

However, due to the immense number of choices available in the market, the buying process becomes incredibly complicated. The best golf cart light kits offer unique features that give them a certain edge over their competitors. Moreover, you should have some prerequisite knowledge about golf cart light kits and their types. 

So, you must keep some factors in mind before purchasing a golf cart light kit. Here are some of those factors.

Golf Cart Compatibility

Golf cart light kits are not universal, meaning they will not fit any random golf cart. Light kits are designed for specific golf cart brands and models. This is because most golf carts have variable designs, and it is nearly impossible to create a universal light kit that fits each of these designs. 

That is why you should choose the golf cart light kits that are compatible with your golf cart. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying a golf cart light kit that doesn’t fit your golf cart, eventually sinking your investment.  

HALOGEN VS LED Golf Cart Light Kits

The light kit type is arguably the most crucial factor you should consider about golf cart light kits. Currently, the market offers two types of light kits for golf carts and each one offers different perks. Golf cart light kits use two types of bulbs: halogen and LED. 

Halogen light bulbs are based on an older technology that has been tested for decades. These lights have been around for a long time and are compatible with older golf cart models. However, these lights use more power and take a toll on your golf cart batteries, decreasing their lifespan in the process. That is why you should be cautious when buying halogen golf cart light kits. 

On the other hand, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular and based on the latest technology. These golf cart light kits are much brighter than halogen lights and use significantly less battery power. More and more golfers are choosing LED light kits for their golf carts due to their superior efficiency and performance.


If you’re planning to use your golf cart on streets and public roads, you’ll have to install the street-legal lights. These are brighter and more powerful than non-street legal lights. You can use these golf cart light kits on regular roads as well, making them very versatile.

However, if your golf cart’s primary usage is on private properties like campsites, golf courses, and clubhouses, you might want to consider buying non-street legal lights. These are slightly dimmer than street-legal lights and are best suited for driving in areas that require less intense lights. 

Using a bright light kit light streel-legal in a golf course might not be a good idea. The high brightness of these light kits won’t suit the aesthetics of a golf course. 


Many of you might not be aware of voltage reducers and why you might need one. In case the battery and light kit have different voltage readings, a voltage regulator or reducer is required. 

A voltage reducer is a device that will decrease the battery’s output voltage to suit the requirements of the light kit. If you have a 6v or 8v battery, you will need a voltage reducer to run the light kit. It prevents the lights from burning out due to the high-intensity current from the battery.

Not using a voltage regulator in case of a voltage mismatch will cause your golf cart light kits to burn out due to overheating.