Buying Guide for Best Golf Cart Speakers

Golf cart speakers come in several different variants and configurations, and not all of them will fit your needs. So, you must consider a few factors before buying to get the maximum value from the product.

Here are a few of them:

Battery life

Golf is a long game and can go on for hours, making the speaker battery life extremely critical. You should choose a speaker that has sufficient battery to last all 18 holes.

Short battery life will leave you frustrated as the speaker will die out mid-game. 

Power Output

Power output is directly related to the sound quality and bass of the speaker. Going by this logic, buying a speaker with a high power output makes perfect sense.

However, there’s a flip side, a higher power output means the speaker’s battery will drain out faster.

Ease of installation

Regardless of how impressive a speaker is in terms of sound quality or features, it will not create any value if you cannot install it on your golf cart.

Most of the speakers in this list come with easy installation, as they have a carabiner clip or can fit into the cupholder. However, some of these golf cart speakers will require some modifications to your cart.

Protection and durability

It is natural for golf carts to go into uncharted territory and hostile conditions. The weather can go south any minute and can the terrain of golf courses is usually very rugged.

You must consider this and buy a golf cart speaker protected from water, dust and can sustain physical damage. 

Wireless range

Some speakers have a tremendous range of several meters, while others have a very short range.

If you tend to wander away from your golf cart, it would be best to buy a speaker with a high range; however, as the range will increase, so will the price. 

Additional features

Many speakers have additional features like wifi connectivity, listen to voice commands, and even have an SD card slot and a 3.5 mm jack.

These features will cost extra and are generally present in high-end golf cart speakers.