Buying Guide for Best Golf Cart Voltage Reducer

Buying a voltage reducer for your golf cart is a challenging task, and you must ensure that you choose the right product to satisfy your needs.

To get the best value, you must keep a few considerations in mind before purchasing. Some of them are:

Input voltage

Ass the name suggests, the input voltage is the voltage rating of your golf cart’s battery that will be used to power other accessories like light kits or speakers. Most golf cart batteries are of 48V or 36V configuration.

Output voltage

This voltage is the output from the reducer after decreasing the original value to suit other accessories requirements.

Most accessories like speakers require a 12V power source, and it also happens to be the most common output voltage of most golf cart voltage reducers. 


The voltage reducer will not deliver the output power with 100% efficiency as some of it would be lost in the reduction process due to the resistance. You should always choose a voltage reducer with high-efficiency (at least 90%).