Buying Guide for Best Golf Cart Windshield Clips

Golf cart windshield clips are one of the most underrated pieces of equipment among golfers. Regardless of this fact, there are some key considerations you must keep in mind when purchasing a golf cart windshield clip.

Golf Cart Model

The windshield clips we have mentioned in this article are specifically designed for a particular golf cart brand or model. However, there are some universal windshield clips that will fit all golf carts. So you must make sure that the windshield clip you’re purchasing is suitable for your golf cart model.

Number of clips

Windshield clips are usually sold as a single unit, a pair, or as a set of four. It is up to you which configuration you want to buy. However, windshield clips that are sold in bigger lots, like 2 or 4 are more economical than if you buy a single unit.