Buying guide for Best Hunting Golf Carts

Not every cart is suited for hunting, as you might have to step into hostile environments and only a few golf carts are made to endure those. That is why you must consider a few keep in mind the following parameters to make a better choice.

Electric or push

We have mentioned both electric and pushcarts in this list, and both come with their respective advantages and shortfalls. Push-carts are much lighter, easy to carry around, and smaller.

On the other hand, electric carts are slightly heavier and bulkier but are sturdier than pushcarts. Also, it could be a grueling task to push a cart uphill when you’re hiking into the wild in search of animals.


As you’ll have to frequently go into dangerous places with unmanageable terrain while on your hunting expeditions, a heavier cart might be troublesome.

At the same time, lighter carts could pose the problem of being unstable or might not be able to hold your hunting equipment that well. 

Number of wheels

Stability, balance, and maneuverability are everything when it comes to hunting with a golf cart. Generally, four-wheel carts are more stable and well suited for rugged terrains due to the additional balance provided by the extra wheel.

In contrast, they rank lower in terms of maneuverability, as swiveling front wheel in some 3-wheeled carts is super easy to maneuver.  


This one only applies if you’re choosing an electric cart. The motor is the powerhouse of an electric cart and the more powerful it is, the better it will be in going uphill and carrying heavy loads.

However, powerful motors also drain a lot of battery, which poses the risk of losing power in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded.


If you’re buying a golf cart solely for the purpose of hunting, then accessories and other storage enhancements should not matter to you.

However, if you plan on getting some golfing use out of your cart, you might want to pay attention to the additional accessories. Moreover, accessories like the cup holder and the umbrella holder could come in handy while hunting too.


Of course, the final consideration is the budget. There is a wide disparity in the price range of hunting golf carts available in the market and products at different prices come with different features.

Define a budget after contemplating the different features that you think are necessary and shortlist the options that fall into that budget, and finally make the purchase.