Like other outdoor sports, golf also poses a risk of environmental hazards. These include rain, wind, harsh sun, among several others. However, modern technological innovations like golf cart windshields allow golfers to enjoy their favorite sport without worrying about the weather. An umbrella based on trivial technology can go a long way in protecting players from harsh weather. 

Even though umbrellas have been used for a long time, their application on a golf cart is a relatively new innovation. Golf cart umbrellas have become increasingly popular as modern golfers are becoming more and more watchful about weather damage, mainly sun, and rain. Unlike regular umbrellas, golf cart umbrellas are specifically designed for the heavy-duty purposes of protecting an entire golf cart. These are larger, sturdier, and more structurally sound than regular umbrellas.

Nevertheless, choosing the best golf cart umbrella can be a formidable challenge if one is unaware of some basic information. We have laid down all the necessary information and essential factors related to the best golf umbrellas in a detailed buyer’s guide. We recommend you read the buyer’s guide carefully to make a better decision.

Before you buy the best golf umbrella, there are a few considerations that you must keep in mind. Here are some of them.


The canopy is the fabric or the outermost covering and is probably the most significant part of the umbrella. Canopy is the most vital component of the umbrella as it protects from the sun, rain, and whatnot. Different types of canopy materials provide various degrees of protection against hazards. Pongee fabric is the most commonly used material in golf cart umbrellas. 

This fabric is made via complicated weaving techniques and offers reasonable protection. Pongee fabric protects well against rain and sun but can leak during a heavy downpour. Other materials like Teflon, PVC, and Nylon are also used and offer much better protection. These materials are relatively inexpensive and technologically advanced than pongee fabric and provide an improved level of protection from environmental hazards. 

Besides the canopy material and design, golfers should also give adequate thought to other aspects of the best golf cart umbrellas. They should also ensure that the canopy is double vented or has some wind resistance mechanism to prevent inversion in stormy weather. These additional features might cost a little extra but provide a much better golfing experience. 


Besides the canopy material, the size of the canopy also plays a critical role in protecting golfers from environmental hazards. Evidently, the canopy size matters a lot when it comes to protection. The larger the size, the more room it will have for people and will cover a more substantial area of the golf cart. 

Three sizes are most common, namely, 58-inch, 62-inch, and 68-inch. The size you choose depends entirely on your preferences, playing style, and how many people you want for the umbrella. For instance, if you want protection for only yourself and a companion, a 62-inch golf umbrella could be perfect. However, if you’re going to protect more than 2 people, then you should go for the 68-inch option. 


The canopy material and size are undoubtedly among the most critical factors about the best golf cart umbrellas. On the other hand, these two aspects are directly related to another very important part of these golf umbrellas. This is the frame construction, i.e., the structure on which the entire canopy rests. An excellent canopy made from high-quality materials won’t do you any good until it is built upon a resilient and robust frame. 

The frame should be sturdy so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions during heavy storms. Simultaneously the frame should be light enough, so it doesn’t make the entire structure of the umbrella too heavy and vulnerable to toppling. There are not many choices available in the market that fulfill this requirement. 

Fiberglass is one of the few materials that fit this criterion and is the preferred material for golf umbrella frames. An overwhelming amount of the best golf cart umbrellas are made from fiberglass. 


Portability is the final and arguably among the most critical factors that golfers should consider when selecting the best golf cart umbrellas. People don’t always use their golf umbrellas as they use them during adverse weather conditions. 

A golf umbrella should be portable and small enough when folded to fit into a golf bag. Most golf bags are already cluttered with many golf accessories, including clubs, tees, and many others. A golf cart umbrella should be able to fit in such situations without causing any inconvenience.