Buying Guide for Best Junior Golf Push Carts

Golf push carts are becoming increasingly popular among junior golfers. Parents encourage their use as push carts promote more physical activity and make the sport more challenging. Using a push cart is better for children than traveling around the golf course in a motorized cart as it facilitates more physical activity and ensures fitness. 

Choosing the best golf push carts can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for the best junior golf push carts. Push carts for juniors have specific features that are suitable for children and younger golfers. For instance, these golf push carts tend to be smaller and lightweight. You must consider several other factors while purchasing the best junior golf push carts. 

We have articulated the most important aspects of the best junior golf push carts in a comprehensive buyer’s guide below. Have a look. 

Number of Wheels

The number of wheels is the topmost criterion in the best golf push carts for kids. Most junior golf push carts have either three or four wheels; many also come with two wheels. In general, four-wheeled carts rank better in terms of maneuverability and balance, but simultaneously, they can be a little bulkier. This means you might be getting more value in terms of balance, stability, and maneuverability, but at the same time, it’ll make the cart heavier. 

While three-wheeled carts may not be as stable as them but are generally more lightweight and compact. They are easy to transport and are more convenient in terms of storage. On the other hand, two-wheeled carts are the tiniest option and are better suited for younger kids.

The number of wheels you choose depends on your child’s physical attributes. If the junior golfer has the physical capabilities necessary to use a 4-wheeled cart, they should go for it. Otherwise, a three-wheeled option could be a better fit. Regardless of the number of wheels, it would be best to choose a cart with light and airless wheels with a wide frame.


The best junior golf push carts have efficient braking mechanisms that are needed in a golf course. Courses rarely have level surfaces, and the chances of your junior push or pull cart sliding downhill are high. There’s no point in worrying about your golf cart rolling away when you’re focused on the game. That is why a braking mechanism is necessary for the best junior golf push carts.

Push cart manufacturers are aware of this problem and have added innovative braking solutions as the remedy. The best golf push carts have foot brakes that you simply activate with a tap. Few push cart models have equally effective hand brakes. These braking systems prevent the push cart from rolling downhill when your full attention is in the game. 


Weight is an essential consideration for buying the best junior golf push cart for a child. The perfect golf cart for a child must be lightweight to make it easy to carry around. As mentioned before, children lack the physical strength to get the best out of a heavy golf push cart. 

At the same time, the best golf push cart for juniors must be sturdy enough so that it doesn’t tip over by a gust of wind. In general, carts with a weight up to 10 pounds are appropriate for kids under the age of 12, while teenagers can handle weights of up to 14 pounds. 

Folding Mechanism

Nearly all of the best junior golf push carts can be folded into a smaller size; however, the mechanism is different in each one of them. Golf push carts with a folding feature are a better choice as they are easier to carry around. Moreover, as their size is nearly halved when folded, these push carts take less space and are easier to store. 

Most golf cart manufacturers add the folding feature to their golf push carts. Some even have patented technology that enables them to fold and unfold instantly. In others, the same procedure is a bit complicated or requires extra strength, which might not be suitable for every golfer. It would help if you chose a cart that folds and unfolds without much effort as it is better suited for junior golfers.


A golf push cart’s primary function is to act as a ride for your bag and other equipment. However, due to the rugged terrain of golf courses, bags tend to fall off from the cart quite often. So, the best junior golf push carts must have a proper safety mechanism to hold the bag securely, so it doesn’t fall off in case of a bumpy ride. 


Several junior golf push carts have a portable/ foldable seat that can be useful for tired young golfers. This seat can be handy when you want to take a breather for a few seconds and gain back some valuable energy. You can sit on this seat for short periods, like when your opponent takes a shot.


Young golfers, including children, need extra storage to place valuables and other accessories like electronic devices, beverages, scorecards, spare balls, and tees. The best golf push carts have dedicated slots to store these additional accessories, and some also come with cooled compartments. 


Even though the best junior golf push carts come with a promise of reliability and trust, you never know when things go south and the golf cart breaks down. Sometimes, a push cart can have manufacturing defects such as broken parts or faulty build quality, reducing the product’s longevity. A warranty is necessary in such cases as it secures your investment. Most of the best junior golf push carts on our list have at least one year warranty.