7 Ways To Make A Golf Cart Go Faster

Last updated: February 18, 2021

It is a well-known fact that golf carts are not meant for racing or going at super-fast speeds. Instead, golf carts are designed to transport you conveniently from one point on a golf course to another.

That is why their engines and other construction aspects are intended to provide a comfortable and safe ride. If you want your golf cart to go faster, you’ll have to make some adjustments. 

However, golf carts have transcended from being used solely on golf courses to being used in many other areas as well. Today, people use golf carts for a variety of purposes including hunting, off-roading, driving on public roads, and even going on picnics in the wild or on the beach. This is the reason why some people are having reservations about a golf cart’s top speed. 

Golf carts come in two configurations – street legal and non-street legal. Of these, non-street legal ones are created specifically for golf courses and are not allowed on public roads. They have a simpler design and are much slower than their street-legal counterparts, having a top speed of 15 miles per hour in most states. 

On the other hand, street-legal golf carts can be driven on public roads and are much faster. Their engines are bulkier and more powerful, and their construction is well-suited for more hardcore driving. They can reach a top speed of 35 miles per hour comfortably. 

Also, there are other ways to classify golf carts, namely on the basis of the power source. If you want your golf cart to go faster than usual, below, we have mentioned some ways you can manage that.

However, it should be noted that some of these measures would be more suitable for electric carts, and some would be for gas-powered carts. 

How to Make A Golf Cart Go Faster

Here are some of the ways to make a golf cart go faster.

1. Install a Lift Kit

Lift kits are an accessory that adds a few inches to your golf cart’s height. The market is full of some exquisite lift kits that will suit your cart. Lift kits not only add height to your cart but also gives it a brilliant rugged look and make it sturdier.

Undoubtedly, it is an added expense and can cost hundreds of dollars if you go for the best options in the market. Lift kits also increase your cart’s ground clearance allowing you to tread into rougher terrain with ease. Finally, lift kits are essential for adding bigger and stronger tires, as they won’t fit on a standard golf cart.

2. Upgrade Motor

In the case of electric carts, you always have the option of upgrading your motor for better speed. Most electric golf carts come with a Series Wound DC Torque Motor with a larger internal field coil.

A larger field coil means more torque, and torque is directly related to the power generated. This essentially means that the default motors are more powerful and have higher torque but operate at lower speeds.

However, if you switch to a Series Wound DC Speed Motor, you’ll enhance your golf cart’s speed dramatically. But at the same time, you’ll have to compromise on the torque or the power output. In other words, the DC speed motor is much faster than the torque motor but will struggle when climbing steep hills or rugged terrain. 

You must always remember that torque is not related to a higher speed; instead, rotations per minute or RPM are. So, always look for a motor with a better RPM value.

3. Buy High-Powered Battery

As batteries are the power source of electric golf carts, it makes perfect sense to purchase new golf cart batteries for maximum performance and speed.

A new battery pack will significantly improve your golf cart driving experience and make the golf cart go faster. A golf cart will often go even slower than the stipulated speed due to an overused battery pack. 

Not all batteries will work with your golf cart; you’ll have to find a battery with an optimum voltage suitable for your cart. You can find the required voltage on your cart’s motor and purchase a new golf cart battery accordingly. 

You should also try to keep your batteries in healthy condition and perform regular maintenance if you want to get the maximum performance out of them. 

4. Upgrade Speed Controller and Solenoid Contractor Relay

Upgrading your golf cart’s speed controller and solenoid contractor relay are the prerequisites for increasing the speed. Not many people know that these two parts exist or their functions, but that doesn’t diminish their importance. Both these parts are located between the battery and the motor help in controlling the current flow. 

Even if you manage to upgrade every other part of your golf cart, you still won’t be able to increase the speed significantly if you don’t replace these two parts. 

5. Buy New Bigger Tires

Generally, the diameter of a golf cart’s stock tire is pretty small, which restricts its speed. As a general rule of thumb, you should always remember that a tire’s circumference is directly related to the top speed.

A higher circumference means more speed. So, you should always go for bigger tires if you want a golf cart to go faster. You’ll also have to install a lift kit to accommodate bigger tires. In addition, you must always keep your tires inflated for maximum speed and performance. 

6. Restricting Bars Removal

Many brands add speed governors or restrictors just below the gas pedal to prevent the cart from reaching the top speed. It is essentially a metal bar or rod that prevents the gas pedal from going all the way down.

You can simply remove this speed restrictor at home using a wrench or a screwdriver. Alternatively, you can adjust the governor by going through the engine and adjusting it according to your preferences. 

7. Keep cart clean and light

This is the most obvious way to make a golf cart go faster. It is commonly understood that heavier things will move slower than lighter items. So, you should always travel light if you want to go fast.

Also, overloading a golf cart is a safety hazard in itself. Apart from your golfing equipment and a couple of people, a golf cart should not have any other heavy stuff on it. Not only it makes the cart slower but also increases the chances of it tipping over.

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