What Fairway Woods Does Rickie Fowler Use

Last updated: August 17, 2021

Rickie Fowler is among the most vibrant golfers of the current generation. He is known for sparkling orange outfits and golf equipment during the early days of his career.

However, he has toned it down a little since then. He rose to fame by beating Rory Mcllroy to win the Wells Fargo Championship in 2012. He also enjoyed incredible success as an amateur golfer before that. 

His fans have been fascinated by his playing equipment throughout his career, including his golf clubs, fairway woods in particular. Our research team began digging out data about the fairway woods he has used until now to quench their thirst for information. 

Interestingly, he has used seven different fairway woods models until now. We have listed all of them below, along with a brief introduction of each one. 

List Of Fairway Woods Used By Rickie Fowler

Titleist 910 F2 Wood (13.5 degrees; Mitsubishi Diamana’ Ahina 80 shaft)

Rickie Fowler used this fairway wood during the early days of his career. Titleist 910 F2 was released in 2011 and was one of the most advanced fairway woods of that time. This golf club is known for its traditional design and cutting-edge clubhead architecture that produces straighter and longer shots.

The most remarkable feature of this golf club is Titleist’s patented dual-angle SureFit Tour hosel technology. Using this technology, you can set loft and lie angles as per the optimal ball flight requirements. 

PING i20 Fairway Wood (15 degrees; Mitsubishi Diamana Prototype 70x shaft)

The i20 Fairway Wood is arguably the best-looking fairway wood used by Rickie Fowler. Its compact clubhead design and matte black finish are mainly responsible for that. The main talking point of this fairway wood is high forgiveness and distance.

In addition, i20 Fairway Wood is quite handy when you need to get out of tough lies. Its low and deep center of gravity also leads to penetrating ball paths with low spin. 

Cobra Bio Cell+ (13.5 Degrees; Aldila Tour Blue 75X)

Cobra Bio Cell+’s primary strengths are the High Strength Face Insert and the tour-proven head design. This is one of the fairway woods he used when he won the 2015 Players Championship, his highest honor in professional golf.

It ranks highly in terms of customization as it comes with adjustable loft settings using the MyFly8 Technology. 

Cobra Fly Z+ (14 Degree; Aldila Tour Blue 70TX shaft)

Cobra Fly Z+ is the second fairway wood Rickie Fowler used in the Players Championship 2015. Fly Z+ comes with loads of technologically advanced features such as the Speed Channel Face and Crown Zone Weighting Technology.

It has an incredibly low center of gravity which makes it highly forgiving and fast. Fly Z+ also comes with the MyFly8 Technology that allows you to adjust the loft and trajectory settings.

Furthermore, the Forged E9 Zone Face Structure keeps the shot quality consistent throughout the entire clubface and provides extra protection from off-center shots.

Cobra F6 Baffler (18.5 degrees; Aldila Tour Blue 75TX shaft)

Cobra King F6 Baffler Fairway Wood came out in 2016 and is still used by some golfers due to its high playability.

It is one of the most versatile fairway woods to date and was preferred by several top-level golf professionals in addition to Rickie Fowler. It comes with two adjustable weights and adjustable loft settings due to Cobra’s MyFly8 Technology. 

Cobra King F8+ (14.5 degrees; Shaft: Aldila Synergy 75 TX)

The F8+ is one of Rickie Fowler’s favorite fairway woods as it features a smaller clubhead than the F8. This small size of the clubhead moves the center of gravity forward and reduces spin.

It was one of the first fairway woods to feature Cobra’s famous baffler rails. The F8+ is ideal if you have a fast swing speed and want to hit penetrating shots with a better launch angle. 

Cobra King Speedzone Tour (17.5 degrees; Shaft: Aldila Rogue Black 80 TX)

Cobra King Speedzone Tour is the fairway wood that Rickie Fowler is using presently. It is among the latest and feature-loaded fairway woods in the market.

Speedzone Tour Fairway comes with Hollow Split Rails that increase the sweet spot by nearly 70%, making it highly forgiving. Moreover, the CNC Milled Face and Carbon Fiber Crown further boost forgiveness and launch speeds. 

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