Popular Golf Reporters and Analysts Featured

In this article, we take a look at some of the most influential voices in golf reporting and analysis, highlighting their expertise, unique perspectives, and contributions to the sport’s ever-evolving landscape.

Join us as we celebrate the individuals who bring the game of golf to life through their passionate coverage and expert analysis.

Dylan Dethier: Dylan Dethier is a golf writer for Golf.com and Golf Magazine. He’s known for his engaging storytelling and insightful analysis of the golf world. Dethier gained attention for his book “18 in America,” where he chronicled his journey playing a round of golf in each of the lower 48 states in the U.S. before turning 18.

Nick Faldo: Nick Faldo is a former professional golfer from England who has transitioned into a successful career as a golf analyst and commentator. He won six major championships during his playing career, including three Masters titles and three Open Championships. Faldo provides expert analysis during golf broadcasts and is known for his sharp insights into players’ strategies and techniques.

Hailey Hunter: Hailey Hunter is a rising star in golf reporting and analysis. She has contributed to various golf media outlets, providing coverage of tournaments, player interviews, and insights into the game. Hunter’s fresh perspective and passion for the sport have earned her recognition in the golf community.

Ewan Murray: Ewan Murray is a respected golf correspondent for The Guardian, covering major golf events and providing in-depth analysis of players, tournaments, and industry developments. He is known for his incisive commentary and thoughtful insights into the world of professional golf.

Kira K. Dixon: Kira K. Dixon is a golf journalist and television host who has worked with various media outlets, including Golf Channel and CBS Sports. She has covered numerous PGA Tour events, providing interviews with players, behind-the-scenes coverage, and analysis of tournament action. Dixon’s engaging presence and deep knowledge of the game make her a sought-after personality in the golf media landscape.

Michael Collins: Michael Collins, also known as “The Caddie,” is a former PGA Tour caddie turned golf analyst for ESPN. He provides commentary, analysis, and unique insights into the game, drawing from his experience on the tour and his engaging personality. Collins is known for his humor and colorful commentary during broadcasts and on social media.

Jimmy Roberts: Jimmy Roberts is a veteran sports journalist and television personality who has covered golf for NBC Sports and the Golf Channel. He has won multiple Emmy Awards for his work in sports broadcasting, including his coverage of golf events such as the Olympics and major championships. Roberts’ storytelling ability and deep understanding of the sport have made him a respected figure in golf media.

Jamie Weir: Jamie Weir is a golf journalist and broadcaster known for his work with Sky Sports Golf. He provides coverage of major golf tournaments and events, offering analysis and interviews with players. Weir’s commentary is appreciated for its depth and insight into the game.

Amanda Renner: Amanda Renner is a golf reporter and writer who contributes to various golf media outlets. She covers PGA Tour events, LPGA Tour tournaments, and other golf-related news, providing analysis and insights into the world of professional golf.

James Haddock: James Haddock is a golf correspondent for Sky Sports, specializing in coverage of European Tour events and major championships. He offers expert analysis, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes insights into the world of professional golf.

Adam Stanley: Adam Stanley is a Canadian golf journalist who covers PGA Tour events, providing coverage, analysis, and player interviews for various media outlets. He’s known for his comprehensive reporting and engaging writing style.

Hope Barnett: Hope Barnett is a rising star in golf reporting, contributing to various golf media platforms. She covers a wide range of golf events, offering commentary, analysis, and player interviews. Barnett’s fresh perspective and passion for the sport make her a standout in the golf media landscape.

Emilia Doran: Emilia Doran is a golf journalist and broadcaster known for her work with BBC Sport and other media outlets. She covers major golf tournaments, providing analysis, player interviews, and insightful commentary on the game.

Andrew Beaton: Andrew Beaton is a golf reporter and writer who covers PGA Tour events and major championships for various media outlets. He offers in-depth analysis, player profiles, and tournament coverage, providing valuable insights into the world of professional golf.

Michael Croley: Michael Croley is a golf analyst and writer who contributes to golf media outlets, offering analysis, commentary, and insights into the game. He provides coverage of PGA Tour events, major championships, and other golf-related news, showcasing his knowledge and passion for the sport.

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